● Cereal bars
● Cake (chocolate or vanilla)
● Homemade pies
● Cold cuts platter
● Fresh bread
● Fruits
● Cereal
● Milk
● Tea
● Marmelade
● Yoghurt (with honey & nuts or fruits)
● Pancakes
● Greek custard pie with phyllo(Bougatsa)
● Omelette
● Fried eggs
● Scrambled eggs

● Couscous salad (Parsley, mint, tomato, lemon Juice, olive oil)
● Green salad (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, balsamic cream)
● Greek potato salad(cherry tomatoes, spring onion, Parsley, onion, lemon Juice)
● Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives, rusk, feta cheese)
● Legend Salad(Baby leaves, figs, pear, vinaigrette rakomelo, warm talagani)

● Greek spiral cheese pie
● Sea bass carpaccio (lime Juice, salt, chives, olive oil)
● Fried calamari with fava
● Grilled shrimps
● Cheese board with marmalade tomato

Main Course:
● Risotto with mussels and shrimps
● Lamb shank with eggplant puree
● Pastitsio
● Tomato beef stew with mashed potatoes
● Giouvetsi with chicken or beef
● Fresh Grilled fish (side: boiled vegetables, boiled wild Green, grilled vegetables)
● Lobster or slipper lobster pasta

● Greek Orange pie
● Brownies
● White chocolate mousse meringue with strawberries 

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